Mama Elizabeti Lesson Plan

Materials needed:

Web Resources:


kanga, responsibility, squeal


With guided support, the children will answer constructed responses.

Make a chart that looks like the constructed response paper.

Before reading the book, ask the children to share what they remember about the character Elizabeti from the story Elizabeti’s Doll. This is another story about that character. Let’s read to find out how she helps her mother with her little brother.

Read the story.

After reading the story, ask the children how Elizabeti helped her mother. Next, ask how Obedi made it difficult for Elizabeti to do her chores. As students share their ideas, go back into the text to find each passage. As a group, fill out the chart paper. Ask the children how Elizabeti felt about Obedi at the end of the story? How do they know that? Use information from the text to support the answer.

Students can go back to their seat and fill out the response. They can share multiple copies of the text and use the chart paper that the class filled out for support.


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